My interview with “Women in Research Methods”

In the summer 2023 I gave an interview to “Women in Research Methods” (WRM – see – a network for women academics in management and the organizational sciences who share an interest in research methods.

In the interview, I talk to Jayci Pickering about my career, my personal experiences and insights into current research practices. Thank you Jayci for making this a very enjoyable experience!

The interview (videos and transcript) can be found here:
Other interviews with very interesting women can be found there too.

The interview is also published in January 2024 issue of “The Score” (APA Division 5 newsletter). Direct links to the issue can be found at: (web version) OR issue.pdf ( (pdf version).

Please feel free to comment on any issues that resonated with you, or issues that you have opinions different from mine. I am looking forward to your feedback.

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