Excel macro for Thurstonian IRT model

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Brown, A. & Maydeu-Olivares, A. (2012). Fitting a Thurstonian IRT model to forced-choice data using Mplus. Behavior Research Methods, 44, 1135–1147. DOI: 10.3758/s13428-012-0217-x (use this link to download a PDF)

In this article, we provide a step-by-step tutorial for coding forced-choice responses, specifying a Thurstonian model for the design used, assessing model fit and scoring people. Estimation and scoring is performed using Mplus, and on this page I provide a straightforward Excel macro that writes out Mplus syntax for any forced-choice design. Armed with the provided tools, using a forced-choice design is almost as easy as using rating scales.

  • Excel macro automates Mplus syntax creation for both Thurstonian IRT (first-order) and Thurstonian factor models (second-order), and for both one-dimensional and multi-dimensional designs
  • User Guide helps specify the desired comparative design in the Excel macro
  • Supplementary data and Mplus scripts for numerical examples in the article can be used as templates for building and testing your own models

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